Our Pastor

Rev. Dr. Jack Stallings

Rev. Dr. Jack StallingsCollinswood Baptist Church is pastored by Rev. Dr. Jack Stallings. Dr. Stallings is a graduate of Southeastern Baptist Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina. He has been a pastor for 45 years having pastored in Tennesee, Missouri, North Carolina, Florida, Mississippi and, for the longest time, Virginia.

Dr. Stallings is a traditionalist in every sense. He believes that the Bible is the inspired Word or God, and is to be applied in all facets of ones life. His services are of the classic historical Baptist tradition. He feels that the beautiful hymns of Christianity are very important for the worship serivce; thus, the hymnal is still an integral part of the Collinswood Baptist Church service. Dr. Stallings would like to extend a personal invitation to all individuals to share in the hearing of God’s Word, and the friendly fellowship of the Collinswood Chruch family.

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